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Urban Pest Control


        About Urban Pest Control

In 1991, we decided to make a change. We decided that the greater Atlanta area needed access to affordable, high-quality pest control solutions that always included a guarantee. That’s why we founded Urban Pest Control, and that’s why we continue to serve North Georgia, including Alpharetta and all the surrounding areas, with the industry’s most comprehensive pest control plans and extensive pest-free guarantees. It’s pest control that puts the customer first, and it’s what we’ve been about from the very start.

      Why Choose Urban Pest Control?

As a homeowner, it can be tough to decide who to trust with your pest control problems. Many companies will take advantage of their customers by providing basic plans and then up-charging their customers for more complicated pest problems, but that’s never been our style. Some pest control companies will sneak hidden fees and other charges into their pest control contracts, but that’s not what we’re about either. Other companies will claim to cover your pest problems but fail to back their treatments with a guarantee. Again, that’s just not us.

When you become part of the Urban Pest Control family, here’s what you can expect:

  • We provide comprehensive plans that include complete home pest control and commercial pest control for every pest problem, including termites. 

  • Our technicians will always inspect your property and give you a quote on a price before they render services. 

  • All our services include a six-month pest-free guarantee backed by 30 years of industry and area experience.

  At Urban Pest Control, Family Comes First

As a home or a business owner, pests can threaten your family in a variety of ways. From threatening your family’s health in your home to threatening an important source of income from a business standpoint, pest problems always have serious ramifications if not taken care of properly. That’s why Urban Pest Control put Alpharetta area families first by eliminating our area's most common pest pressures. Our commitment to Alpharetta home and business owners is to never up-charge for unnecessary services and always guarantee customer satisfaction, no matter what. That’s why we have satisfied thousands of customers in the Alpharetta and North Georgia area for over 30 years. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation with one of our pest control experts in Alpharetta.

 Metro Atlanta provides the perfect habitat for bugs and rodents; abundant water, vegetation & harborage along with mild climate creates large pest populations. There are 2 types of houses in our area – those that are having pest problems and those that will have pest problems. The Urban Twice A Year Program addresses all concerns at a ridiculously low price. When a pest control expert comes to help you get rid of the invasion they are going to provide the three things the insects are looking for, except, they are going to position the bait stations outside of your home. In this manner, the insects get what they need OUTSIDE and little do they know that there is a component of the “food” that is going to destroy the colony. Over a short time, the insects will gravitate to this source that is both a shorter distance and has a greater abundance of what they are looking for. When this happens, they will abandon the pheromone path they have deposited that leads to your kitchen.

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